Best Practices in Sustainability

It is widely understood that adopting best practices in sustainability can offer a significant competitive advantage. There is ample incentive to get on board. In 2012, sales of sustainable goods and services reached USD 1 trillion globally and in 2013, it may double to reach USD 2 trillion. As early as 2017, the sustainable economy can be worth USD 10 trillion in annual global revenue.

Almost three out of four Americans now believe that climate change is real and they want companies to do something about it. The implementation of best practice campaigns can help companies to respond to consumer demand and capitalize on the rapidly growing sustainability market.

You can find sustainable best practices everywhere, from tourism to IT, from building to health care. You can even find it where it seems out of place, as in the mining sector or in the shale gas industry.  The words “best practice” is everywhere and they are often used inappropriately. A study on the most overused buzzwords showed that in 2010, “best practice” was used more than 4,600 times in industry press releases.

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